"I was bold in the Pursuit of Knowledge, never fearing to follow Truth and Reason to whatever results they led and bearding every authority which stood in their way" ~ Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Daily Newsletter for Conservatives

The *E-Blast* is a daily conservative newsletter by Bruce O'Hara. 
Scouring the Web and aggregating top stories and news of interest to conservatives,The E-Blast also features graphics, art and a healthy, much-needed dose of humor during these dark days of the Obama administration.
The E-Blast began as a simple email with a few tidbits that O'Hara sent to friends and social network pals (he's also the founder of AmericaWillSurvive - a private Ning network); as its popularity grew, O'Hara, an artist (he created The Bold Pursuit banner and the TBP Eagle), used his skills and knowledge of political issues to finesse the email into a compelling daily read and blogsite.
Subscriptions to The E-Blast are soaring - just like our TBP Eagle. Congrats, Bruce, on creating one of most informative and entertaining conservative daily newsletters on the Web!