"I was bold in the Pursuit of Knowledge, never fearing to follow Truth and Reason to whatever results they led and bearding every authority which stood in their way" ~ Thomas Jefferson

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Welcome to The Bold Pursuit...    
The Bold Pursuit®, a conservative news and commentary site, offers intelligent and thoughtful perspectives through five separate blog pages. TBP strives to inspire respectful interaction and welcomes diverse points of view.
Our mission is to "Inform and Involve" via our forums for political coverage and commentary. We also hope to motivate and support efforts to encourage citizen involvement in our local and national leadership. We support our Constitution, as written and in its entirety. ~ Clio
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"Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal -- America's Racial Obsession"
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Site Standards for The Bold Pursuit

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The Bold Pursuit® is not responsible for the content submitted by guest bloggers or those who post comments.

We reserve the right to moderate and delete content or comments that we deem offensive or inappropriate to the subject matter of this site, as well as improper or unsuitable language, links returning errors, invalid email addresses, irrelevant links or attempts to use the comment feature to spam or advertise products or other websites.

The Bold Pursuit supports our First Amendment right to free speech. We may, at our discretion, publish comments that respectfully present a viewpoint that criticizes or questions the subject matter or offers alternative interpretation of the blog’s content.

The Bold Pursuit will categorically reject any comment that threatens violence, uses hate speech, provokes confrontations with authors or those who post comments or that is irrelevant to the content presented.

The Bold Pursuit aspires to a higher level of political commentary and discourse. If you dislike the information posted, you are most welcome to post a comment and, politely, present your argument – publication is not guaranteed. Kindly remember that The Bold Pursuit is a conservative political blog and the content herein reflects our core beliefs. Maintaining the decorum and respectability of this site is of utmost importance to The Bold Pursuit. Our objective is to promote, not discourage the exchange of ideas while providing a channel for dignified communication.

Updated: 5/15/15
The Bold Pursuit reserves the right to change or modify these terms without notice.