"I was bold in the Pursuit of Knowledge, never fearing to follow Truth and Reason to whatever results they led and bearding every authority which stood in their way" ~ Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Future address by Barack Hussein Obama ... (Hypothetical)

by Clio

(Author's note: I wrote this blog, a satirical piece, last year. I'm re-publishing in protest of the ObamaCare travesty. I thought the text was a little hyperbolic at the time, but now ... who knows?

“We Held These Truths to be Self-Evident” a few hundred years ago…

My fellow citizens, today I want to discuss a sensitive, but vastly overdue issue regarding the celebrated paperwork which gave a few power hungry individuals the right, in their minds, to overthrow a genial government and entrench themselves firmly in this place we call “America.”

The intellect and zeal of this country’s “Founding Fathers” was the driving force when the rebellious Colonies, in a rude and ungrateful manner, sought to sever ties with their homeland and a beloved King and his Parliament. King George, who was, as we all will agree, right in his opinion that the government must tax the people to make them feel included in their government, a fair and tolerant leader.

It is important to remember that our nation’s first “leaders” acted illegally to create a new world order on the shores of a country that was, before the arrival of a few land-grabbing and disease-ridden white people, the rightful home of peaceful and generous Native Americans.

The “pilgrims,” more aptly called belligerent ex-pats, disembarked on these shores still clinging to their muskets and whining about “freedom of religion.” Their humble indigenous hosts shared the wealth of their bounty to keep these malcontents from starving through their first season on foreign soil. The pilgrims showed their appreciation by introducing the Indians the business end of a musket and infecting them with sexually transmitted diseases. I’m certain that if those innocent Indians had any idea of how their hospitality would be repaid, they would have told the Pilgrims to go get “stuffed” – like a turkey.

After many years, the interlopers from Great Britain were able to thoroughly ensconce themselves on this land, arrogantly laid claim to it and went about decimating many tribes of native people. The British government sought to control these unruly trespassers by establishing a governing body to oversee the collection of taxes and administer the rule of law. However, the desire of corrupt colonials for domination and control was overwhelming; thus began the riots and eventual revolt.

As you know, the violent deeds of the Rebellion were legitimized by the so-called “Declaration of Independence” – a manuscript penned by rebels that gave license to their sympathizers to do great harm to any who stood in the way of their “cause.”

One must acknowledge the enduring impact of the so-called “Founding Fathers” and their propaganda. Even today, the indoctrination of adoration of their antique rules and regulations is taught to society’s most impressionable and innocent citizens: our children. Mere toddlers are coerced into memorizing and pledging allegiance to a piece of cloth which features bright red stripes – symbolic of the blood the trespassers freely and proudly shed in order to evict our benevolent British governance, as well as virtually annihilate the native inhabitants and rightful owners of this territory.

Every year on July 4th, Americans glamorize the terrorist bombings that took place during the upheaval of the presiding government by setting off elegant displays of fireworks. Those ancient acts of violence are further trumpeted in an awkwardly phrased composition, “The Star-Spangled Banner.” This anthem commemorates those riots and pays tribute to the survival of the flag, that blood-drenched rag and the chosen emblem of the new nation.

The acts of brutality and entitlement that we glorify in song and vows are almost without equal; history remembers few individuals with such a brazen gluttony for power. Alexander the Great, Adolf Hitler and Attila the Hun would have been comfortable in the company of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and the other conspirators of the so-called “American Revolution.”

We find ourselves, today, still bowing and scraping before faded scraps of antiquity; the aforementioned Declaration and the Bill of Rights; pieces of parchment filled with the egotistical ranting of men (where were the women?) who lusted for control, influence and privilege. Dogmatists such as John and Samuel Adams, William Whipple and Caesar Rodney wrote well, so history anointed them with praise for their penmanship (note: John Hancock – his name is a synonym for elegant script).

It is fair to call these radicals usurpers and bigots; after all, they were British citizens in residence upon land that was inhabited by many tribes of indigenous people.

This country’s original residents lived amicably in communal groups. As a former community organizer, I can appreciate the way these “true” Americans lived and worked together for the greater good of the group. If we look to the past for a blueprint for American life, one can do no better than to emulate tribal life and its focus on sharing its tasks, as well as wealth with each member, equally.

However, this is a new day and a new, progressive and genial America. While many still worship the fading scratches of the feathered quills of early supremacists, I believe it is time for these United States to be released from the emotional bondage of words written almost three hundred years ago and begin a new chapter of history, one which addresses the collective needs of our society.

I hereby authorize the formation of a committee to analyze our economic and social organizations, evaluate the efficacy of our current distribution of goods, capital and compensation and create a document that defines the fundamental aspects of our hard-working populace.

This new American manuscript will not reside in a museum or place of worship; it will be available to all, taught to our children in schools and stocked in every library, coast to coast. I encourage all citizens to keep a copy in their homes – even upon one’s person for reference and contemplation.

I envision our new codex of community involvement and civil obedience as a practical guide for American life. I know you’ll support me in this endeavor to create a manual for a kind and fair America; one that doesn’t praise the efforts of insurrectionists or religious fanatics, but acknowledges the importance of working together and sharing our wealth.

As we continue to rectify and apologize for the mistakes of the past and look toward a more appreciative America, other changes must be made to atone for past indiscretions. For example, to reflect this country’s new emphasis on fairness and focus on wealth management, the Capitol Building will be renamed the “Worker’s Representation Convention Center.”

Let me conclude today’s address with one more task: my next act as your president will likely be difficult for the older, less productive generation of American’s to accept, however, in order for this country to start a new era of contrition and healing, we must part ways with the past and discard the term “United States of America.” Too many people associate that name with rebellious acts, terrorism and persecution, in fact, the mere mention of the name “United States,” is cause for aggravation, resentment and unhappiness for foreigners around the world. Henceforth, this country is the “Collective Republics of the Northern Hemisphere” (CRNH).

May the fictitious deity of your choice approve of our Collective Republics of the Northern Hemisphere!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Update re. "The Stupak Buy-Out"...

Representative Bart Stupak's (MI01)- Stupak Announces $726,409 for Airports in Alpena, Delta and Chi

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Congressman Bart Stupak (D-Menominee) announced three airports in northern Michigan have received grants totaling $726,409 for airport maintenance and improvements. The funding was provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration ... Click here for the full announcement: Stupak Press Release

Sunday, March 21, 2010

“A Tale of Two, Three or 30 Congressmen – the Stupak Buy-Out”

UPDATE: March 21, 2010

I knew (and dreaded the possibility) that I would need to amend or update my blog, “A Tale of Two Congressmen,” and, after watching Rep. Bart Stupak announce in a news conference his decision to change his vote to a “Yes” for ObamaCare despite months of firm, decisive claims to the contrary, I need to clarify and retract portions of that article.

Rep. Stupak just changed his “No” vote to a “Yes” for ObamaCare, based on a last minute promise by Mr. Obama to write an Executive Order prohibiting federal funds for abortion, with exceptions for rape, incest or to protect the health of the mother.

In fairness, I can’t brand Rep. Stupak as another crooked politician; he didn’t specifically deviate from his position on abortion or his desire for health care reform. Stupak was clear that he would support HR 3590 if it did not include federal funds for abortion.

While the bill may be considered amended by the Executive Order, it is my understanding that Mr. Obama has the latitude to retract an Executive Order, as will subsequent presidents. If that is the case (I’ve read the EO, but need more information before taking a definitive position), then the rights of the unborn are still in peril.

“A Tale of Two Congressmen,” compares the ethics of Stupak and Rep. Dennis Kucinich. While an Executive Order is in a different “perk” category than plane rides on Air Force One or promises of party and financial support (according to news reports), Stupak’s decision puts him, from my perspective, in a gray area. Yes, the congressman, more or less, kept his word; however, as I comprehend this development, the provision in the Senate bill wasn’t changed; it is negated by the Executive Order.

Stupak, like many of his colleagues, negotiated a deal with Mr. Obama – welcome to the club, Congressman! You may know some of the members: Flyboy Kucinich, Louisiana Purchase Landrieu, as well your cohorts from Tennessee, North Dakota, Oregon, Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin, Montana and the District of Columbia. (Sources: NPR, Fox News)

As pro-ObamaCare Democrats stand around and congratulate themselves over their “victory,” more than half of Americans (according to a number of polls) fiercely reject this bill and the sneaky, bamboozling of our political system.

Mr. Obama, Sen. Reid and Speaker Pelosi know that Americans are angry over the abuse of Reconciliation, Deem and Pass and other, usually legitimate, political actions taken to coerce this bill into law, so why aren’t they listening to their constituents?

According to today’s Rasmussen Reports polls, 42% of Americans strongly disapprove of Obama’s performance as Presidential, giving him an Approval Index rating of -16. Also determined by Rasmussen, “50% of voters are less likely to vote for a Member of Congress who supports the health care reform plan proposed by the President and Congressional Democrats. Just 20% believe that most Members of Congress will understand the proposed health care bill before they vote on it.”

Furthermore, Real Clear Politics polls indicate that 75.8% of Americans disapprove of Congressional job performance and over 60% of the country believes that America is headed in the wrong direction. Is anyone in Washington, on the “Left” side of the aisle, listening? We know that Obama’s Oval Office is sound-proofed with arrogance and an iron will to get “his” bill passed today.

Yesterday, a small group angry citizens hurled racial epithets and homophobic slurs at a few elected Democrats. The Bold Pursuit strongly denounces those actions.

However, we support the majority of angry, fuming Americans who feel betrayed by the way our system is being manipulated so that Obama, Pelosi and Reid can have their “win.”

Today, they may revel in having the votes needed to cram through unwanted legislation that is predicted to inflict profoundly negative and fundamental change in our country, but next November the gloating will turn to gloom as the results of the Democratic “eviction” campaigns send an unequivocal message to Washington: “you should have listened to the People and Killed the Bill.”

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Tale of Two Congressmen...

by Clio

Yesterday, I watched an interview between Megyn Kelly, Fox News, and Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) in which Ms. Kelly questioned the Congressman regarding his decision to vote against the current Senate healthcare bill (HR 3590).

Rep. Stupak concisely and candidly expressed his reason for not supporting the Senate bill – he opposes federally-funded abortions and believes the Senate bill will provide a loophole for that action. He repeatedly stated, in the Fox News interview and to other media, that he supports current law on abortion and will not change his vote on the Senate bill.

There was very little spin in Rep. Stupak’s dialogue with Ms. Kelly. He did politely sidestep Kelly’s question regarding Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s honesty about having enough votes to pass the bill. His spin was subtle (“the Speaker always has the votes…”) and more of a courtesy than a deflection.

I’m a conservative and a registered Republican, so I have no allegiance to Rep. Stupak. However, I admired his forthright and direct responses to Kelly’s incisive questioning on his position, the status of the Stupak 12, a group of pro-life Democrats who oppose Senate bill HR 3950, and his insider’s description of political gamesmanship.

One rarely hears a politician, from either side of the aisle, speak so openly and clearly about their views, position and the behind the scenes chicanery (political pressure, bribes and telephone call campaigns prompting a change in position). I applaud Rep. Stupak’s honesty and wish both parties would take a page out of his playbook.

Another Congressman in the headlines: Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D), Ohio. In a news conference yesterday morning, Rep. Kucinich explained his decision to change his vote from “nay” to “aye.”

Kucinich: “… after careful discussions with the President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, Elizabeth my wife and close friends, I have decided to cast a vote in favor of the legislation.”

What about your constituents, Rep. Kucinich? Did you consult with them or was there static on the phone lines aboard Air Force One? Did you poll the people who voted you into office or did you arrive at your new position while enjoying complimentary peanuts and a free ride to Ohio on March 15?

Photo from fOTOGLIF

Rep. Kucinich, were you swayed by Mr. Obama’s light-handed reproach at a health care rally in your home state? Granted, a politician needs the support of administration and party leadership, but your constituents’ desires are going to determine your political future. Congressman, consider the buoyancy of the watercraft you’ve embarked upon – it’s a sinking ship.

In the congressman’s statement (also posted on his web site, http://kucinich.house.gov/News/DocumentSingle.aspx?DocumentID=176730), he states that “I still have doubts about the bill. I do not think it is a first step toward anything I have supported in the past. This is not the bill I wanted to support, even as I continue efforts until the last minute to modify the bill.” If my elected representative had doubts about a bill of such monumental import, I would expect him or her to vote “NO.”

To be fair, Rep. Kucinich is considered one of the most liberal Democrats in Congress, a proponent of nationalized health care, as well as an ardent supporter of Mr. Obama.

The difference between the two congressmen can be summed up in one word: integrity.

Rep. Stupak has stated and reiterated his objections to the Senate version of the health care bill and repeatedly denies that he will change his vote. He’s made his decision and claims that he isn’t changing his mind.

Rep. Kucinich yielded to pressure from Obama, Pelosi, et al, enjoyed a free ride on Air Force One and the implied support (monetary and otherwise) of the Democratic National Party and changed his intention to vote against HR 3950.

I hope Rep. Kucinich spends his 30 pieces of silver wisely … his constituents and Americans will hold him accountable.

The contrast of integrity between the two congressmen is stark; one is open, candid and stalwart in his views, the other can be bought off with perks and promises.

Stupak is the kind of politician that I can respect. I don’t have any intention of switching parties and voting for him, but I do admire his candor and the lack of political spin that is practiced with such agility by elected officials in both Houses and on both sides of the aisle.

The Senate health care bill, the amendment to the Senate bill, the reconciliation and “deem and pass” (the Slaughterhouse Rule) maneuvers, as well as the dogged drive to pass the first massive, social legislation in over 30 years has, understandably, alarmed and angered a majority of Americans.

Why is this bill so significant? HR 3950 will devour one-sixth of our economy, affect our national deficit (the Congressional Budget Office is still scoring the bill; news agencies report that there will be an announcement tomorrow, March 18), potentially increase taxes and force Americans to buy insurance or pay a tax (fine) – and there is much more packed into the bill’s 2074 pages!

The passage of this legislation will create epic change in our economy and the American way of life – no amount of arm-twisting or freebies should influence a vote.

Kill the Bill – that’s my vote.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Stand Up! Keep the Change... Special to The Bold Pursuit

Stand Up!
Keep the Change
By Thomas S Schmitz

One year into the controversial presidency of Barack Obama we can now answer one of 2008 biggest questions. What does Hope and Change mean? Bluntly put; Hoax and Chains would have been more accurate. By looking at his statist policies it is clear that by change the president does not want to improve our country and restore American greatness. Rather he wishes to fundamentally transform the United States of America.

We the people believe in the fundamental spirit and makeup of America. We don’t want to transform America. We want to refound America. The good people of Massachusetts sent Obama a message on January 19th. The Shot heard round the world dealt a devastating blow to the president and his unpopular policies by sending unknown State Senator Scott Brown to the United States Senate to fill the seat held by the far left for 38 years and to vote against the poisonous Obamacare health bill.

On November 2, 2010 there are 435 house seats and 36 senate seats up for reelection. As Ronald Reagan said in 1964, “Now is the time for choosing.” We must decide just what exactly is the role of government? Do we want to return to a representational form of government as our founding mothers and fathers fought for us to have, where government is on the side of the people? Or do we want to continue on the road to serfdom in Obama’s utopian statist dominion that shamelessly embraces socialism as he continues his attempt to rule over us rather than serve us. As Sarah Palin warned us in 2008, “The stakes for our nation could not be higher.”

We have our work cut out for us. The American conservative populate has been united by the Tea Parties and of course Sarah Palin. We know how we feel; we know what we must do. We must “throw the bums out” as Sarah likes to say. But how? Our first focus is the primaries. Not just for our own state but our country as a whole.

The Tea Parties and especially Sarah Palin have shown us that by donating time and money across state lines victory is much more than a possibility. The primaries are where we do our spring cleaning by weeding out the RINOs, establishment Republicans and the Dede Scozzafava’s. This skirmish can be made easier by using our online resources in these battles. With each of us uniting and making the most of websites like: http://www.ourcaucus.com/ http://www.resistnet.com/ we do our own vetting of the candidates to make sure they support Sarah Palin’s values and positive message of free enterprise, smaller government, strong national security, energy independence, support for our troops, American individualism, liberty and life. Our vigilance will produce candidates who are pro-America and motivated by these ideals.

Not only is now the time for choosing. Now is the time to take a stand. Take a stand for your country by sending people to Washington who want to serve for the right reasons, and demand to Obama that even though he has taken all our bills he can keep the change.