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Monday, May 31, 2010

In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory - Patriotic Perspectives
This article is in loving memory of those who gave themselves for us and our freedoms. Not all died in wars, but all came back different people than they were when they left. In some measure each man and woman that served our country in military service gave a small or great piece of themselves in providing that service and we should always be grateful for their sacrifices. Some have said of those that died in Europe in WWII that “They gave up all of their tomorrows for your today”. Young men just barely out of high school and in some cases like my father, taken directly from high school fought a common enemy to the world and they won that battle. They defeated Hitler’s Nazis and some did not return. They are buried there on the beaches where they fought and died, some perhaps not fully understanding why, but they did it nevertheless. As Abraham Lincoln said of the soldiers of the Civil War, “They have given the last full measure of devotion”.
My father landed at Omaha and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. There were few battles in history that equaled the size and importance of those two battles. I am proud to say he served, but sad to know that it was such a bad experience for him and those brave young men that served with him in that horrible war. Many have fought in many wars and in many battles. Some of them historically great and some historically of little memory, but to all of us they should hold equal dearness in our hearts as each of them cost the lives and futures of so many who gave for the cause of country.
While this is not intended to be a political message, it is with sadness that we all become aware that our President and Commander-in-Chief has chosen to go on vacation instead of attending the memorial services at Arlington National Cemetery.  The American people have come to depend on their President to show his gratitude on behalf of the nation at this event and it is sad to know that they will not get that gratitude. But is not our right to allow the President to do our mourning for us even if it helps us to see it. It is our duty to mourn these losses ourselves and I know that the vast majority of Americans truly do mourn their losses. It is also our duty to honor those who serve now. We do not ever have to like or even defend the wars that our brave men and women serve in, but we do not have the option to salute their brave devotion to country and their sacrifice on behalf of what we used to call a “grateful nation”. I believe that We The People are grateful, but I now wonder about our leaders gratefulness. But let us not destroy the importance of this day with thoughts of what is not being done. Rather let us rejoice the day that we can set aside to honor our loved ones who have served us.
May God comfort all of your losses and sacrifices as family members.
John Wayne Tucker

John Wayne Tucker, a Baptist Minister and former teacher/professor. He is currently running for the United States Congress in Missouri's 3rd Congressional District

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  1. I've visited the American Cemetery in Normandy, France. 173 acres of crosses, almost 10,000 Americans buried there, most as a result of the D-Day invasion. One of the most sobering things I've ever experienced.

    May we never forget the lives lost nor that freedom is gained because of lives sacrificed.