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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Patriotic Perspectives: The Most Important Political Issue; John Wayne Tucker

John Wayne Tucker: a Baptist Minister and former teacher/professor. He is currently running for the United States Congress in Missouri's 3rd Congressional District.

The Most Important Political Issue

I recently asked my friends on Facebook and Twitter what they thought was the most important political issue right now. I had expected a general consensus on something, but the answers were as varied as are the issues, so this article will cover my stand on each of these issues. While I already point out my stand on each of these issues somewhere on my site, here is a single article that addresses what you are interested in politically.

1.The Constitution is being destroyed. I agree completely. There have never been such liberties and outright violations of the Constitution. We have nationalized companies, allowed the President to issue laws by Executive Order and allowed courts to legislate from the bench. Congress has turned over power to the President to do what he will to print money, create bailouts, and cram legislation down our throats. I am appalled at the failure of our elected officials to follow the Constitution. Rest assured that when I take an oath to defend the Constitution, I will take that as a sacred oath that binds me to do so. I will not accept any legislation that obviously flies in the face of the Constitution. We are nothing if we refuse to follow our clearly designated rules and guidelines as set out in the Constitution.

2. Abortion or the destruction of the next generation. As I have stated everywhere and frequently, I was a very young boy when I first learned about the existence of a thing called abortion. I did not have to have anyone tell me that this was wrong. It was obvious to me that this violated God’s laws. Abortion is a non-negotiable issue with me. I stand firmly against abortion, embryonic stem cell research, cloning, denial of feeding, or any form of euthanasia. I value life from conception until its natural end.

3. Illegal aliens or the invasion from Mexico. Here again, I have made this clear continuously. The protection of our borders is not an optional law. The government cannot ignore the law or the Constitutional responsibility to protect our borders. Illegal is illegal and it costs us approximately $120,000 per year per illegal. Plus there is the significant loss of jobs in America. While the government would have you believe that these jobs are jobs that no American wants, we have seen here in Missouri that illegals were working as construction workers (and when caught, police were ordered to let them go). I think Americans would like to have those jobs. Illegals were working as UPS workers. I believe those are good jobs that Americans would love to have. Please know that I will do everything within my power to end this violation of the law and the Constitution. In fact, I already work against illegal immigration by requiring any company that does work for me to verify in a letter that no illegal alien will be involved in working on my project. Also, please note that I have no problem with legal immigration. I know the efforts and expense that are involved to get to America legally. My wife is an immigrant who came here legally and I can testify to the expense, health reports, police background checks, interviews, fingerprinting, waiting lists, inability to work or drive for at least one year and other requirements of those who come here legally.

4. Unemployment. I had expected this to be the most important issue right now and I do believe that it is first and foremost on many people’s minds. It is certainly an important issue in my mind. I have watched as the 3rd District of Missouri has dropped lower and lower in financial standing in Missouri. Remember please, that St. Louis was the 8th largest city in 1948. In 1949, the Democratic Party took control of this district and has held it until now. The current rank of St. Louis among American cities is number 52. I know that jobs are important. I have watched as jobs have been shipped to other countries. I have watched as companies have left the St. Louis area. Good jobs and good companies have left and nothing is being done to bring them back. I know that I cannot represent the interests of our people without providing a plan to return good jobs to the area. This economic dilemma is the reason that I have pledged to give back half my salary to the district to be used for community and other significant projects. But more importantly than my economic contribution is my total commitment to return jobs to this area. I have thought and worked for a long time to understand the cause of our job losses here and I am certain that I have hit on the reason. I have a very specific plan that will bring our area back to significant employment levels and return business to our area. I cannot disclose this plan at this time, but as soon as the primary is over, I will make my plan clear. Of course, not only will I be working to improve the situation here, but across the country. Rest assured that any legislation that will return jobs to America will be at the forefront of my agenda in Washington.

I have important views on many more issues than this, so please visit my website to find out about them. Remember, I am not a politician. I only have a history of service, not a history of backroom wheeling and dealing. Please stand with me on August 3rd and put real representation in Washington.

John Wayne Tucker

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  1. Amen! Loved your blog and its concise statement of where you stand on the issues. Very well written! I found myself shaking my head "yes" over and over again as I read. I'm excited that you are running for office. You can also help by calling our nation to prayer. Just post this prayer request to your blog's side panel.


    I'm hoping that our country turns back to God.
    Many, Many Blessings!
    A Mom