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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why do American Politicians Have Such a Fascination With Amnesty? - Patriotic Perspectives

by John Wayne Tucker, a Baptist Minister and former teacher/professor. He is currently running for the United States Congress in Missouri's 3rd Congressional District

By now, everyone knows that there is a United States Congressman who fears that an additional 5,000 American troops in Guam would capsize the small island. As funny as that is, it scares the pants off me to think that the leaders of our country can be that stupid. Perhaps the Congressman is lying awake worrying now about H.R. 4321 which is an amnesty bill. Perhaps the Congressman is worried that America might capsize or just sink into the ocean because of all the illegals we will allow to come into the country and stay.

As stupid as that is, is it any less stupid of our Congress to consider an amnesty bill that by its own description would allow 11 million illegal immigrants to stay here with virtually free legal status? Especially when by most accounts, the number is closer to 40 or 50 million people. This bill includes portions of two other amnesty bills that have already been vetoed by the American people; not just once, but twice. Now, they hope to include those two bills wrapped up in a new package with even more ridiculous legislation hoping that Americans will be fooled.

In a time period when our own economy is faltering badly and jobs are more scarce than they have ever been in my lifetime, why would a government that cares about its people propose to basically absorb another country that is more economically depressed than our own? They have told us that illegals do the jobs that Americans don’t want to do. But just a week or two ago, there was a major protest at UPS because they were requiring people to verify that they were here legally. There were many who had worked there for a long time and would not be able to provide the evidence. I think a UPS jobs is something that a lot of Americans would like to have right now. Several illegals were caught right here in Missouri doing construction and the police were required to let them go. I think construction jobs are something a lot of people in Missouri would like to do. Who knows what jobs illegals may be doing that take food from the tables of American workers who cannot find jobs?

Let’s take a look at some of the provisions of this bill that Congress thinks is good for America:

1. First, the proponents argue it is not amnesty because there is a penalty. If you are caught here illegally, you must pay a $500 fine. Of course, if you cannot afford to do that, there are ways around it. That seems sufficient penalty for people costing us $10,000 per year per person, don’t you think?
2. By the way, there is no enforcement in place to take care of the fines and there is no provision to protect the border. That fence at the border. We won’t be needing that.
3. Border patrol would undergo special training so as not to scare children.

4. Immigration and Customs Enforcement could still pick you up, but don’t worry. There are provisions to help you out with that.

1. If you have medical or mental health needs? You are free to go.
2. Pregnant, nursing or have children? You are free to go.
3. Supporting children or others or 65 years old? You are free to go.
4. Victim of a crime, abuse, or violence? You are free to go.

5. And enforcement by the Immigration and Customs officials may not occur in the vicinity of:

1. Any place of worship
2. School Day Care Center
3. Legal service provider
4. Hospital or health care clinic
5. Funeral home or cemetery
6. College, University or junior college
7. A day care center, head start center or school bus stop
8. Recreation center or community center
9. A mental health facility

So, am I the bad guy for thinking this is ridiculous? Let me be clear that I have as much compassion as anyone for human suffering and need. The United States has a historical background of giving until it hurts to help the people of the world. Look at these statistics from 1980 to 2007 from the Census Bureau http://www.census.gov/compendia/statab/cats/foreign_commerce_aid/foreign_aid.html

It can never be said that America does not care. But we cannot just give away our country. I know that I have much to thank God for. I was born here and am thankful for it. But there are countries all over the world who struggle with this same issue every day and they have chosen to protect their borders. I have no problem with legal immigration. But there is a significant and well thought out process for that system. How is it remotely fair to tell the rest of the people in the world that they must wait and pay money and get health checks, etc. in order to come here legally, and then let 40 or 50 million people sneak in the back door?

When I am in Congress, there will be no sneaking by ridiculous amnesty bills without an outcry from me. My goal is to protect our borders, our Sovereignty, and our economic prosperity. No Amnesty, No Socialism, No Fascism, No Communism.

John Wayne Tucker
The 2010 Statistical Abstract: Foreign Aid

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  1. Somewhere I just read that they are letting a huge number of illegal immigrants who have been arrested for serious crimes out on bail... which of course means they don't show up for trial.

    Apparently murderers, rapists, and others are all around us due to this policy.

    When are we going to start protecting those whose families have paid in blood to make this a great country?

  2. It does seem that American citizens are sidelined in favor of illegal immigrants.

    Obama's Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis announced in a PSA airing today that "Every worker in America has a right to be paid fairly whether documented or not..."

    in another PSA, actor Esai Morales says "You work hard and you have the right to be paid every cent of the money you earn ... Our laws protect you whether you're documented or not."

    From The Detroit News: http://www.detnews.com/article/20100623/OPINION03/6230315/1031#

    The commentary, by Manny Lopez, is titled "Labor Dept. aids and abets crime of illegal immigration" -- I think that says it all.

  3. There are now areas of our own country that the government has cautioned us from entering as it is too dangerous. These are areas that have been taken over by these illegals. We are losing territory and safety to this mess while the government refuses to do one of the specific Constitutional jobs which it has; protecting the borders. Of course, we not only are losing territory and safety, but enormous sums of money as well.
    I will do everything possible to protect our borders including lining up tanks on the border if necessary.
    John Wayne Tucker,

  4. John Wayne Tucker is absolutely right. He's referring to the Casa Grande sector of Pinal County, Arizona, the area where that Deputy Sheriff was attacked by illegal alien drug smugglers who shot and grazed him with an AK-47 and the same are where 2 illegals were murdered 10 days ago. He could also be referring to a section of the Los Angeles suburb city of Canoga Park which used to be a nice middle-class neighborhood and one that MS-13 or MS-18 illegal alien gangs now control. These are just two examples of areas of the U.S. under illegal alien control. Amnesty will only exacerbate these and other problems by bringing us 60 million more Mexican and Central American nationals when we already have too many people in the U.S. So many states are going bankrupt, cities going bankrult. These aren't happening because Americans are breeding like rabbits and demanding social services from other taxpayers. Illegal immigrants--the 40 to 60 million nationwide--are the culprit and the longer wee allow them to remain here, the more crime will flourish and the lower our standard of living will become. Right now, Los Angeles is a third world country. Don't let the skyscrapers fool you!