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Monday, August 9, 2010

Can We Save Freedom?

The following is Special to The Bold Pursuit -- a Patriotic Perspectives feature

Hello, I am Delia Lopez and I feel our freedoms are being stolen from us by the people we voted into office. We voted for them to represent us. They seem to be representing vested special interests, instead. What I mean by “our freedoms” include for example; our right to start a business to achieve economic independence, the right to privacy, the right to buy from whom you choose, the right to not have your earnings stolen from you to pay for something you detest, and did not vote for.

What is happening to our nation? Our country was founded on the idea that all men were created with unalienable rights. Among these were the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our founding fathers created this government to secure our rights. For me, that means being able to do as you please as long as you do not harm anyone else or infringe on their right to do the same.

You used to be able to start with nothing; get a rag, vinegar and water and start a business. With just hard work, you could live the "American Dream." Now, you must be licensed, bonded, and insured to start the smallest of businesses, and that takes thousands of dollars. This eliminates for many the possibility of starting their own business. This is killing the American Dream.

What is the duty of the government? It is to protect our rights. I know many people want more government regulation because of a belief that regulation keeps industry honest and prohibits predatory practices. However, the securities industry was one of those most heavily regulated by the government. They had received more than 100 complaints about Bernie Mafdoff's activities, yet they did nothing. Well, not nothing, they were busy downloading porn while you paid their salary.

What is freedom? Freedom is not having to ask the government for permission. We have allowed our government to become an overbearing monster from which we must get permission to catch a fish. Our government is raiding small farmers who are selling milk, eggs, and produce without government permission. Why should they be able to take money from me, to do with it things I am vehemently opposed to?

Will you choose to stand with me? Will you help restore freedom for all or will you allow government control of our lives to denigrate our society?

This is not Republican versus Democrat. They may play that game in DC. Local politics should be about those who want government control of their lives and those who want to keep Americans Free. I want Freedom, how about you? Vote for me on Nov. 2nd.

I will work to force the federal government to return to its constitutionally enumerated powers, and to restore our inalienable rights. The government should be limited to only Constitutionally authorized duties. Examples of Constitutionally authorized duties are; national defense, maintaining law and order, protecting life and property, preventing dishonesty, and guarding the public against vested special interests.

I'm Delia Lopez and I am running for congress because I believe “We the People” need to regain control of our government. My campaign is volunteer driven and grass roots. If you are interested in more information, please sign up for my newsletter at www.dlopezforcongress.com or email me Delia@dlopezforcongress.com

Thank you!

Delia Lopez is running U.S Congress, Oregon, District 03


  1. I just lost my comment when I tried to post. Hopefully, I can recreate it. I'll try. The "overbearing monster" has insidiously crept into the very fabric of our lives and threatens to annihilate our most basic truths and freedoms. I am pleased to know that there are politicians who share the ideas and feelings of the non-elite. With leaders like you, We The People can regain control and stop the momentum of the current, self-serving Administration. God Bless You, and God Bless America.

  2. Anonymous: Oregon is my hometown, so this blog is highly relevant to me and my family. Thank you for your response, passion and insight into your thoughts!

  3. Clio - I know, and I hope that you will continue to highlight the truth through the excellent coverage of pertinent issues and the outstanding management of The Bold Pursuit that you bring as its Creator.

  4. Ms Lopez, thank you for standing up and being willing to fight for our freedoms. This Constitutional movement sweeping the country is pulling the patriotic citizen politician into the ring, all over America. You give me hope for our future.

  5. @Anonymous: Thank you for your gracious comments. Such kind words are so encouraging to me and my staff at The Bold Pursuit!

  6. @Bruce: Delia Lopez is a rare thing: a Conservative in Oregon. What isn't rare is the huge swell of interest and activity in conservative issues and candidates. I hope we ride this tide, this Conservative Tsunami, into November and elect people like Ms. Lopez who will fight for the People and our Constitution. Thank you for your comment.