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Friday, August 27, 2010

An Invitation to Conservative Candidates for Office - Patriotic Perspectives

by Cynthia Toney, Contributing Writer and Editor, The Bold Pursuit

Which voters can you afford to miss?

While television remains the leading provider of candidate information, voters are going online in increasing numbers, and the Internet has long surpassed newspapers as an information source.

Perhaps surprisingly, research shows that mature voters over the age of 63 are the age group most likely to read political blogs, and they are also most likely to vote in midterm elections.

Among all age segments and political parties, Independent voters are most likely to go online for political commentary and candidate information. A Harris poll from March 2008 revealed that 26% of Independents regularly read political blogs that help shape their opinions. If the percentage was that high in 2008, imagine what it must be today.

IndependentVoting.org reveals that Independents now make up 40% or more of the total electorate, and that includes 41% of college students and 35% of African-Americans under the age of 30.

These voters we just mentioned—from senior citizens to young people about to vote for the first time—are online, waiting to hear from you, their potential representative and voice in their municipal or national debate.

Patriotic Perspectives, a feature blog of The Bold Pursuit, is reserved for conservative issues and conservative candidates. We offer this space for blogs, essays, or commentary—at no charge and no obligations to a candidate – except to share their views with their voters and other visitors throughout the country.

Patriotic Perspectives is a forum for the conservative voice—a way to reach The Bold Pursuit readers, who wish to become familiar with conservative candidates who share their concerns. Our readers also often leave comments, providing you with valuable feedback. The Bold Pursuit followers have dozens, sometimes hundreds or thousands, of Facebook friends or belong to social networks with whom they connect every day. When our readers share your message with their friends, it can reach a tremendous audience in a matter of minutes. 

Doesn’t this sound as good as knocking on a thousand doors?

Posting on The Bold Pursuit does not guarantee or imply an endorsement, nor do we accept any liability for guest content or claims; this is simply a way for conservative candidates to express their views in this popular form of communication.

So why do we offer this? The simple answer: because we love our country. Everyone at The Bold Pursuit wants to help voters make informed decisions at the polls and elect candidates who will preserve our freedoms and enrich our nation.

If you’re running for office and wish to take advantage of this opportunity, for yourself and for the voters,  send us your political content for the Patriotic Perspectives blog for review (we provide full attribution and links; Patriotic Perspectives content does not, specifically, fall under our copyright or trademarks). Contact the publisher on www.theboldpursuit.net or email at theboldpursuit@yahoo.com if you wish for your words to reach our readers – potentially, your voters.

Audax Consectatio,

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  1. I would love to see a poll taken this year on the number of people that use blogs/internet as the primary source of political information.
    I bet conservatives have really brought the percentage up.

  2. I would bet with you, MyMati. Last year, I did a little research re. conservative blogs, websites, news sites, etc. Recent search returns indicate that there are about 10 million conservative blogs and almost 30 million conservative groups -- there is definitely a surge in conservative expression and interaction on the Web

  3. Clio - I see that you did think of a way to use the Latin translation. Quite a clever salution.

  4. Audax Consectatio - The Bold Pursuit! Thanks for the translation assistance, Anonymous : )

  5. Great site and an outstanding idea.

    "If We Do the Possible, God Will Do the Impossible"


  6. @Andrew: thank you for the kudos.

    Great quote and so true!

  7. If I qould just learn to spell correctly. Salution should be "salutation". Or it could be that the salution is the salutation. There's a thought there somewhere.

    BTW, you were correct - unalienable rights is the acceptable spelling.

  8. Cindy Toney has inspired me to follow conservative blogs. Have always been conservative but rely on talk radio, mostly, for info. Keep up the good work.

  9. As the blogosphere continues to expand and inspires conservatives to connect and strengthen our resolve to preserve our freedom, seasoned authors like you, Cynthia, are priceless. We can depend on you to inspire and motivate patriots to recognize the power available in well structured blogs. As the main stream media continues to diminish, we can expect the continued movement toward communication through the social network exchange. Thank you for joining TBP - you have a lot to offer our mission to defend the principles established by our founding forefathers.

  10. Thank you for the kind words, Anonymous and Anonymous.