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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Government Has Gone Gestapo

by Delia Lopez, candidate for United States Congress, Oregon, District 3 -- a Patriotic Perspectives featured blog

Not long ago, some small farmers in California, minding their own business, were raided by men with drawn guns, ready to shoot. It’s not unusual – violence like this goes on every day. Men with guns are terrorizing small farms right now and Oregonians rightfully demand an end to this wave of violence. Were they armed, roving criminals, perhaps, plundering the countryside? Drug gangs growing marijuana on their rival’s turf? No. It’s not criminal gangs battling each other, and it isn’t psychotic killers stalking peaceful family farms. Believe it or not, it is the police. Farmers all over the USA are being raided for selling milk, meat, eggs and other healthful foods! Small children held at gunpoint while their parents are accused of… selling milk! This is the United States Department of Agriculture at work, protecting you. It’s for your own protection, of course.

Joel Saladin of Polyface Farms notes a few of the USDA’s “best practices” in his book, “Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal.” What are some of these best practices? They include the disgusting practice of feeding cows up to 50% chicken manure. Is it any wonder why organic farming is on the rise? I’ve raised cows and sold milk, and I want to keep my freedom to eat healthful food. Don’t you want the freedom to choose milk from cows not fed antibiotics, hormones and chicken manure? The right to choose what we eat is supported by such groups as the Oregon Consumer and Farmers Association http://www.oregonfarmrights.com/. This association has endorsed my candidacy.

We must stop government from protecting us to death. A wise man once said, “The best government is the one that charges me the least blackmail to be left alone.” There are several different bills before Congress that will change our access to fresh, locally grown food. We must work to stop the progress of these oppressive bills and allow farmers to grow what we want to eat. Please see the link http://www.oregonfarmrights.com/gpage.html for more information. Even more outrageous, there are more pending bills that would make all nutritional supplements and medicinal herbs require a doctor’s prescription!

Can we have an effect by letting our voices and votes be counted? The answer is YES! Check out http://www.anh-usa.org/latest-mccain-bill-update/. This prescriptions-for-vitamins bill appears to be stopped (for now). Are you aware that five times more Americans die from prescription drugs, taken as prescribed, than all illegal drugs and prescription drugs self-prescribed combined? How much less dangerous is food?

Who has the right to determine what you are allowed to eat? There appears to be a war on small farmers going on in our nation. How can we stand up and stop this harassment so people can eat what they think is most healthful? If my daughter, a 27-year-old adult, prefers Feverfew, an herbal remedy that is more effective, has no side effects and is far less expensive than the Imitrex shots her doctor prescribed, who is harmed? Only the pharmaceutical companies and the politicians they own!

The real question is, WHO OWNS YOU? We have allowed government to become an overbearing monster from which we must get permission even to catch a fish. The goal of all government is to extend their size, scope and power, which is why our Constitution was written to limit the power of government to protect the rights of the people.

As Joel Saladin says,

"Governments, one and all, partake of the nature of rackets. They become partners in crime and ultimately annihilate the civilization over which they preside.” 

In 1802, Thomas Jefferson wrote:
"If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them, they must become happy."
The conflict is not the rich versus the poor, but between regular people and the politically connected or government class. The government elite are paid twice as much, on average, what the average American earns. Check out www.usatoday.com/money/economy/income/2010-08-10-1Afedpay10_ST_N.htm.

Please, let’s retake control of our government and restore some common sense before it’s too late. If you give me your vote this November, I pledge to work toward less government control in our lives.


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  1. Don't you wonder why the Government hasn't regulated the color and texture of the toilet paper that we use? It seems that nothing in our lives is sacred anymore. One fact does remain, however, we still have possession of our minds - at least until lobotomies are legislated requisitions to our existence.

  2. It scary to think the government has achived such power, right under our noses.
    Thanks for informing us, Delia.

  3. The Federal Govt has turned into a rapacious, rogue creation that seems to consider "We The People" as it's enemies. That Gestapo like tactics are used against family farms is totally unacceptable.
    It is going to take us numerous voting cycles to place Patriots in office who will only slowly be able to dismantle the usurped, unconstitutional powers accumulated by the Feds over the last century.
    Thank you for being such a Patriot, willing to stand for us, Delia.

  4. Heck that's nothing--they have been killing little babies, children, men and women for years--it's called war on terrorism--should rightfully be called war of terrorism--and it's only getting worst.