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Friday, October 8, 2010

My Fellow Grass Roots Americans

by Bruce Brown, candidate for U.S. Congress, California (35)

We often hear that the left runs on emotion and the right runs on logic – and I want to make it perfectly clear that I am passionately emotional about my logic because my logic includes love of God, love of country and love of family – the most powerful emotions people have and its all on the line this November – we must tap into these emotions and use that force to bend our government to our will.

Thirty years ago, we elected Ronald Reagan president after the disastrous Jimmy carter did irreparable harm to our country and we spoke of America as the “Shining City on The Hill” – America defeated the Soviet Union, tax cuts exploded government revenue, natural gas was de-regulated with great results and we spoke of a new concept called the “peace dividend.” Clearly, we had the world figured out and under control.

So what happened?

My answer may surprise you but Ronald Reagan was a misfit – he was a man of principle, he governed for and with the people of America – he understood America and the power of the American Dream. He understood American exceptionalism and that the spirit of the American people could overcome any problem, if only turned loose. It is hard to find such a man since George Washington who truly believed in the America that the founders created.

President Reagan knew that America as invented worked better than any other system of government in the history of the world – consistent, principled government in concert with the interests of the people – the epitome of limited self government. This was important because Reagan also understood something missing in today’s RNC that is critical: that there is an ever present, opposing force in this world that has existed since the beginning of time – there are people who want to rule it. The lesson learned from Reagan is that the only force that can stop the ruling class is freedom and the American Dream. The good news is that freedom is in the DNA of an American and freedom burns in the heart of a conservative or Tea Party patriot and it certainly burns inside me.

Reagan was so successful that we forgot where Jimmy Carter came from, but the Left took great notice and went into high gear to destroy the legacy of Ronald Reagan because they knew they must to survive. One of the great tragedies of our time is that President Reagan could not defend his legacy of principled government nor did anyone else, because when the left goes on the media attack with its class warfare, race baiting and accusations of bigotry – most DC Republicans shrink from the fight. It took less than four years to undo Reagan and Bill Clinton was elected president with less than 50% of the vote.

America and Republicans missed a great opportunity with President Reagan and this opportunity was further diminished by the Heritage Foundation’s “What would Reagan do?” theme. President Reagan’s success was never about Reagan, it was about the principles Reagan used to govern – that is what was so critical to understand and what was totally missed by our representatives and consultants. What the people are clamoring for is consistent, principled government, not a revolving door of people and ideas and it will only come from ideological VICTORY over the left!

This is partly why I have branded myself as America’s Candidate – because history is repeating itself and we are going to miss it again if we do not get at least one candidate in Congress that is so grounded in the conservative principles that they can be articulated, demonstrated, cajoled or shouted from the rooftop until they win the day.

This is critical because once again, we face a Jimmy Carter like disaster, this time on steroids, and Republicans are poised to come out on the “win some” side of their win some/lose some attitude. But their continued complacency shows loud and clear and for proof, we need only look at the disconnect between the RNC and the Tea Party – freedom loving Americans want the big government nonsense stopped and the RNC does not get it – except for a few like Michele Bachman, the RNC actually feels threatened by the Tea Party movement and until we bridge this gap, we will have chaos in our ranks.

President Reagan proved the power of the American Dream and I believe in it so much that two years ago I threw away life as I knew it and said I am going into the inner city and use it to break the lock the Democratic Party has on the minority vote and that single act could change the world. Defeating Maxine Waters with the American Dream will change the world.

So far, the biggest obstacle I face in my contest with Maxine Waters is the stereotype of the district that has been instilled in too many people’s minds, including the RNC and pundit class - the stereotype of a lazy populace voting for its welfare. I am pleased and proud to bring you the news that this stereotype could not be farther from the truth – the fact is, the people in the district are fed up with the lack of opportunity and the people are tired of the answer to every problem being more government cheese.

For two years, I have demonstrated conservative principles to the people and shown them the American Dream and when they hear it, they want to hear more. And not only that, they get mad at the people, namely Democrats, who have been keeping it from them. The people have seen that conservatives are not all racist and that is the secret sauce – the left has no answer for a white executive not being racist – their entire foundation breaks down when that veil is pierced. The answer to success in the minority community is not skin color and bringing more minorities into the party – the answer is the party going into the community and demonstrating what it is supposed to stand for – a heart for humanity.

The stereotype just isn’t true and with your donation, we can win this race and the victory is for you because of the impact your win will have on America.

Now let’s switch subjects and talk about your Congresswoman – Maxine Waters. I say your Congresswoman because she is in everyone’s district across the entire United States – she is a national icon. Most congressional representatives live rather benign lives in their district delivering earmarks at best – but not Maxine Waters, she is everywhere. Also, she is the second reason why I use the America’s Candidate brand and why it is important to get behind this race with donations – she is doing huge damage to our country with corruption in the name of helping the poor, her cries of racism stop enormous amounts of good legislation and her ideology costs billions – she is a major force in DC politics and she is not on your side.

Maxine Waters is the symbol of one Federal budget cut that should be painless, immediate and very dramatic – and that is stop the enormous transfer of the people’s money to cronies, corrupt dictators and activists. Our research has found over $1 Trillion of funds transferred under dubious circumstances and Maxine Waters is the starting point for action because she is already on the block and as her opponent, I am the message delivery system. If we get the support, we will get the message delivered to the people with my two year body of work.

It is hard to imagine political party affiliation being an issue in the electorate when this kind of plunder of people’s wallets is going on – even most Democratic voters want the corruption stopped and I am the one to do it, regardless of your party registration.

You all know Maxine Waters is ethically charged for influencing the OneUnited Bank TARP deal. But the charge is a typical business as usual smoke screen. The fact is, the bank had no business getting $12 million TARP funds, period. UnitedOne is a conduit for laundering shady money transactions and your $12 million TARP funds went straight to Maxine’s friends - so far investigators have traced $9 million to buy property in Martha’s Vineyard – you can’t get much farther from South Central LA and still be in the USA. The reality is, OneUnited is a financial disaster used for self dealing that typifies the tip of the corruption iceberg.
Most congressional representatives live benign lives dealing with their district but speaking of being in the USA, Maxine Waters is also into Haiti, the Congo and Ruwanda, three of the most corrupt countries in the world that allow her and cronies to operate under the cloak of “helping the poor” while diverting foreign aid and contracts to personal gain.

We all know Haiti is poor and one of its few sources of income is the telephone system – but where does the revenue go – not to Haiti but to private offshore accounts. When Aristide was removed in 2004, Haiti Teleco’s cupboard was bare. And the most lucrative contracts are with USA firms which participate in development aid to Haiti and there is a long history of bribes, diversions and misappropriation of your money. We can get lost in the weeds fast with the details but the point is – the dollars are staggering and someone has to go after this behavior and get it stopped. Maxine and her cronies have a large and direct impact on everyone in America and we need your help so I can help you and this great country of ours.

Now I know none of you are in my district and cannot vote for me, but I can vote for you and it is your country being pillaged. You know it takes donations and I need to ask for them. Please donate to help me help you and our America.

America needed restored once before when Abraham Lincoln said in memorial at Gettysburg in 1863 “ -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” The freedom of every American is at stake in this election.

The people’s cry today for change in our government is heard loud and clear and conservative principles represent the change the people cry for and this is the change that satisfies people’s hearts with “life, liberty and the pursuit if happiness.” Conservative leadership will show how to stay in control of our government to produce a better result than we are faced with today. If you will give your support, we will show with clarity that we will put this country on the track we want most – ending the use of government for monetary gain, advantageous position and self-dealing. Controlling our government will be very satisfying for “we the people” and when we see results at the Federal level, the states will jump on board as well with the counties and the cities.

www.brucebrownForCongress.com is where to start and I thank you for your time.

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  1. Mr. Brown, your message resonates in the hearts and minds of every American citizen that recognizes the danger of losing our long-fought-for freedom and liberty. We must take action now, or forever lose our sovereign power. We can no longer tolerate Congresswomen like Maxine Waters having the capacity to influence critical decisions facing this great nation. Mr. Brown, We The People are in drastic need of "America's Candidate Brand" to defend and preserve our principled government. We must have honest leaders, like yourself, to end the corruption and depravity that is overpowering our democracy.