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Monday, October 4, 2010

Why Politics as Usual Will Sink America ... Part Three

JWT'S Journal: It’s All About Winning

by John Wayne Tucker

The people have the belief that there is an important difference between the two parties. While it is true that each party stands for different ideologies, they are exactly alike in one very important respect. Everything they do is about winning. Both sides will say and or do whatever it takes to win the elections. That means, unfortunately, that they are willing to sacrifice the best people for the people that they believe have the best chance to win.

Once again, it is important to site the issue of Christine O’Donnell. The party says they will not financially support or will not fully support the duly elected candidate because they do not believe she has the same chance to win that the party choice would have had. The only real concern is that the party wins as many seats as possible so that they can control the direction of the nation. That is a good thing, right? After all, we vote for a particular party because we support the issues of that party. Well, yes, we do support those platforms; however, it has become clear lately that the parties do not adhere to their own platforms. One of the reasons that people are so upset with the Republican Party is that they have failed to live up to their conservative agenda. And why do they fail to do that? They do that because, if you remember from the previous article, this is about making whatever deals and policies are necessary to appease everyone.

Whether we want to believe it or not, politicians and parties are willing to sacrifice their own issues for expediency. And whether we want to believe it or not, America has become a nation that expects services and all kinds of entitlements. We have come to believe (as a result of Roosevelt’s policies and those of presidents who followed him) that the government is there to take care of absolutely everything for us. We have grown government to astronomical levels and incredible debt because we want things provided to us.

We have Social Security (from Roosevelt), government grants and loans for education and for almost anything else you can imagine, welfare systems that support the destruction of the family, and on and on. Now, we want the government to step in and fix health care – which is not a job that is really reserved for government – and fix education which is collapsing more as a result of social decline and apathy than because of the system itself. The more we ask government to do for us, the more government will cost us and the more politicians will own us rather than the other way around. While we are all aware that there is significant cost to entitlements and services, it is certain that once an entitlement or service is provided, there is no way to remove it because the populace will have come to depend on it. Regardless of how much it costs, it would be political suicide to even talk about removing an entitlement. However, not removing entitlements causes us to be committed to expanding the practice of printing and borrowing money.

Thus, there is no issue that a party or politician will not be willing to compromise in order to appease the electorate and therefore, win. Regardless of the issue, nothing is going to be off limits. This includes rights and freedoms guaranteed under the Bill of Rights, Constitutional directives and issues, border integrity, Right to Life or any other issue. The more we compromise on these issues, the more the populace becomes divided and at odds with one another. Once a nation becomes so divided on so many issues, it fails to meet the standards of a nation any longer. By definition, a nation is a group of people that share common borders, language, religion, traditions, culture, currency and government. By that definition, we ceased to be a nation a long time ago. Therefore, in some sense, we have caused the massive division present in a government that is desperate to make everyone happy.

It is also important to realize that all of the organizations that we have come to depend on to lobby for our important causes have also fallen to the political game. The National Rifle Association (NRA), supporters of the Right to Life, family and marriage values, Christian organizations, or any other group that we expect to come through for us are tied into the party and political “good ole boy” system. With all of the money that has been provided to NRA and Right to Life, for example, it would seem that the issues related to these two huge organizations would be resolved by now. But here again, these organizations are committed to supporting the parties’ “good ole boys” and willing to live with the compromises that they come up with rather than risk the election of someone outside the two parties or risk someone who is committed to doing what is right rather than following the party requirements.

You may ask, how will America profit from political parties that are willing to do anything to win? Well, that is the question, isn’t it? However, if politicians are not willing to appease all of our desires, will they ever win? Are we willing to elect people that stand for what is right and are willing to make tough decisions and stand by their values? Or will we go complacently into the annals of history as another failed Democratic experiment?

John Wayne Tucker

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  1. John, you hit on a point that is resonating with a lot of Americans right now and one of the reasons that many incumbents are worried about their re-election in November: Americans are starting to take an interest in their governance and want representatives who put their constituents best interests before their own. Articles such as this one are important in keeping the dialogue about candidates alive and the focus on electing people who really want to serve the People, not their own agendas.

  2. What a pleasure to read commentary written by a knowledgeable source sans a political agenda. It is critcal that We The People insist that entitlements become secondary to that which is most beneficial to our subsistance. By continuing to accept the benevolence of government susidies, we will just perpetuate our inconsequential society. The complete demise of a once proud and strong America is imminent.

    Through intelligent and thorough analysis provided by authorities such as yourself, John, perhaps the message that you evoke will become a stimulus for change. Thank you for illuminating the problems inherent in our current system of allowing government dominance.

  3. Very Interesting dilemma isn't it John.
    It all comes down to the loss of virtue, no longer is virtue respected. Without that we can never fully return to being self governed. In the times of the founders public virtue became the key indicator of the nations readiness for the new govenment. The people worked hard at demonstrating their virtue. So they could justify the break from Britian and begin the grand experiment of the Constitution. Once again it is time for choosing and it will take an exceedingly strong voice for reform backed by the people to correct the course.
    We must be prepared to make sacrifices now to secure the country for our posterity.

  4. Thank you Clio, genvieve and Mymati. I am happy to see that there are those out there who understand the importance of what I am trying to convey. Not only is it important that we recognized the people who will really do what it takes to put our country on track, but we must recognize who those people are before the general elections or they never get the chance to make a difference. It is also important that we encourage and support people who have the virtuous agendas rather than personal agendas in mind. This means that Americans will have to do their homework. Research candidates and make certain that they are what they purport to be. Keep an eye on them and if they don't live up to expectations, replace them with someone who will. I fear we have little time left to learn this lesson.