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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Election Fraud in America

by John Crouse, Special to The Bold Pursuit sm

When Democrats hear the term ”Election Fraud”, they automatically assume that it refers to the 2000 election and the Florida recounts. That was trivial compared to the frauds of the 2010 primaries, the 2008 Presidential election, and now we find out that the 2008 Democratic primary was rigged also.

During the entire 2000 Florida election debacle, seems the only protesters were voters who DIDN’T live in Florida. They claimed that, because Bush’s brother was the Governor of Florida, there had to be ballot tampering involved. Well, as someone who lived in Florida in 2000, voted in Florida in 2000 and followed the events of Election 2000 in Florida, I know that the election was won by Bush but was close enough to warrant a recount. When the recount was over, Bush won again. To satisfy the skeptics, they recounted again…. again, Bush won.  The state was in the process of a 4th  recount when counting was halted by the courts.  People (who don’t live or vote in Florida) claim that the election was stolen because of this court action.  My question is this… what does this have to do with Jeb Bush?

During all this, the St. Petersburg TimesMiami Herald, Orlando Sentinel and Tampa Tribune did independent recounts.  The results…  Bush won them all.  If Democrats had their way, we’d still be recounting today!   Bush won, Gore lost… get over it.

Maybe this is why Democrats think it’s OK to threaten and pressure delegates to change their votes from Clinton to Obama…  or intimidate voters at the polls… or pay candidates to drop out of races.

I’m curious to wee how much more criminal activity come out of the White House between now and November 2nd.

Republished with permission,  John Crouse's Blog


  1. Maybe this is why Democrats think it’s OK to threaten and pressure delegates to change their votes from Clinton to Obama… or intimidate voters at the polls… or pay candidates to drop out of races.....
    Or bribing homeless people with liquor to vote for their candidate, or voting multiple times, or dead people voting, or illegal aliens voting, or convicted felons voting, or cartoon characters voting

  2. Anonymous: Since our DOJ is reluctant to do its job and prosecute clear violations of election law, including voter intimidation, our sacred right to vote -- and I was raised to believe that our voting privileges are such -- is in imperiled. Regarding the black panther voter intimidation case (2008 elections) – that specific incident was videotaped and had witnesses. I am saddened and perplexed to learn that the DOJ is using racial profiling to determine eligibility of cases ... Posted below are links regarding DOJ whistleblower, J. Christian Adams, who resigned from the Department of Justice over the black panther case and who further alleges that the Department discourages pursuing cases if the defendant was black and the victim was white. Below are links to the story:


  3. I recently read that the most that the Left can influence an election by voter fraud is by 9% of the votes. A healthy, and scary, percentage, to be sure. There is no doubt that many races will have substantial fraud in November. As far as I'm concerned the cheating is a foregone conclusion.
    Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to make sure that we so overwhelm the polls with our voters, that we negate the "cheating percentage factor".
    I live in Md., which is a blue, blue, State. I must tell you, I am heartened by the number of Dems who are telling me that they "didn't sign up for this", regarding Obama's and the Lefts extremist agenda.
    I'm impressing upon every one that I speak with the importance of Nov. Trying to do my little part for Tsunami 2010.
    You see, a tsunami will roll their cheating under!!

  4. @Bruce: if your info is correct -- 9% of the vote can be influenced by the Left -- and Obama won by 7% percent, then it's possible that we should have someone else sitting in the Oval Office.